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Meet The Owner


Raquel Martinez is a Licensed Massage Therapist. Her credentials include becoming a CNA, CMA, Phlebotomist, PT Assistant, EKG Technician and is still doing continuing education. After 15 years working in the medical field she decided to use that experience to provide excellency in service to her clients. She came to this country and decided to call it home. The language barrier was never an obstacle to learn and grow. After living in the west coats, then the north, in 2013 she arrived to the great state of Kansas. And it was here where she decided to pursue her massage carrier. 


"Raquel is phenomenal! As a college student, I tend to suffer from upper back pain from the long hours sitting/stress. Raquel not only relived that pain for me, she also took the time to explain to me what was wrong and how to prevent any further pain. Raquel truly cares about her clients and is willing to help them in whatever way possible. I will definitely be making the drive to go and see her again." 

- Jocelyn Camarillo

"She goes above and beyond every single time. She listens to what you want and is so helpful in suggesting stretches and other things that can be done for problematic areas. I highly recommend her!!!"

- Danielle Locke

"Raquel is incredible with magic hands! She's well educated in the field and doesn't hold back with the bells and whistles! I am always satisfied! I found her by chance a few years ago and each time I have a pain I can't shake, she's the one I call! She goes above and beyond and is responsibly priced! I highly recommend Raquel!"

- Amy Affleck

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