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Therapeutic Massage

A deep pressure massage that includes ice, oil, cupping, and hot stones. Therapeutic massage is recommended for people who have recurring pain. This massage will release any tension present in the muscles. ​

Swedish Massage

Consists of light strokes to manipulate the muscles. This massage will improve circulation. ​ ​

Pregnancy Massage

This massage is done on mothers who are 14 weeks or more. Please consult your doctor prior to the appointment if you yourself have health issues or concerns. The massage is done while the mother is on her side to help with the tight muscles.

​ ​

Sports Massage

This massage is done on people who are active on a daily. Clients will get this massage before or after going to the gym or a competition. This will help prevent obtaining injuries in the future.

Since each individual have different needs, we personalize the massage session. With that being said, we can apply KT Tape, TENS EMS, SFS, and/or stretches. 

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